Counterfeit Products

Counterfeit products – a reminder

Ona has to deal with counterfeit versions of its products on a regular basis. These counterfeit products do not comply with our stringent quality standards and pose a real danger to the user. The following is a reminder of Ona’s high standards in terms of safety, of the risks associated with using counterfeit products, and of the method for identifying these counterfeits.

Ona’s quality standards

Our commitment to quality is key in achieving the degree of excellence in all Ona products. This includes all aspects of development and production, from design, to raw materials and construction, to finishing and testing of products. Guided by these standards, we produce the most advanced technical products.

We have a unique network of manufacturing partners and work closely with mills, tanneries and suppliers of performance technologies to make exceptional polo equipment.

We use only the finest fabrics, materials and components in all our equipment and accessories sourced from around the world and from suppliers of outstanding reputation.

All Ona equipment is exhaustively tried and tested by the world’s top professional players in different types of fields and weather conditions. Fulfilling the exacting demands of the best athletes is a motivating challenge. This is what keeps the creative process going, what leads to the evolution of new ideas and improvements on gear. It is what has placed Ona at the forefront of developing and building
premium performance polo equipment.

Product copies or counterfeit products are not Ona products and don’t meet applicable performance standards. They do not benefit from Ona’s expertise or warranties, and can pose a risk or prove faulty when used. Counterfeit products are potentially dangerous.

Ona in the fight against counterfeiting

Ona actively fights the counterfeiters and those who otherwise infringe its rights. This battle includes several components:

  • a strategy of protection of all innovations and original creations, by Patents, Patents Design, and Trademarks;
  • monitoring every market and the wide variety of distribution channels;
  • thorough investigations to find the sources of the counterfeit production; and
  • legal procedures with the courts of competent jurisdiction, in order to ensure the destruction of the counterfeit copies and production facilities.

How can you guard against illegal copies and counterfeit products?

Ona Polo gloves – incorporating Pittards performance leathers – are only manufactured in Indonesia and not anywhere else. In the past (from 2003 to 2016) Ona Polo gloves have been manufactured in Vietnam.

Ona products are only sold through a network of authorized retailers and the Ona website: The products are new and come with packaging, notices and swing tags. By purchasing your products through this network, you are guaranteed to purchase an authentic Ona product. To learn who authorized retailers are in your country, please contact us at

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