Ecogrip polo gloves

Ona EcoGrip

The EcoGrip Polo Gloves combine unmatched grip and ergonomic comfort with a commitment to reducing environmental impact. Crafted from sustainable eco fibres, it lowers carbon footprint and water usage, showcasing our dedication to a greener future in polo.


Eco-Friendly Material

Utilises sustainable eco fibres, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability.

Superior Grip
Engineered with EcoSuede™️ for unparalleled grip in wet conditions, enhancing performance.
Ergonomic Design
Meticulously crafted contours for a natural fit, ensuring freedom of movement and comfort.
Advanced Ventilation
Features sophisticated PCM mesh for optimal ventilation, keeping hands cool and dry.
Iconic Style
Adorned with distinctive, playful graphics set against the classic ONA Polo palette, marrying innovation with tradition.

Superior Grip

Eco Friendly

Water Resistant

PCM Mesh

Ona EcoGrip

Discover unparalleled grip and comfort with our latest eco microfibre gloves, designed to excel in wet conditions. The anatomically designed pattern mapping the hand, offers unmatched freedom of movement and comfort. The innovative wicking PCM mesh on the back prevents sweat build-up, ensuring your hands stay dry and comfortable. ECOGRIP gloves reflect our commitment to the environment without compromising on quality. The #1 Eco Polo Gloves.

Product Features

Technical Features

  • Water repellent
  • Dry fit comfort
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Second skin feel


  • Ergonomic design delivers a precise fit and stress-free comfort.
  • Ona Polo innovative “inverse closure mechanism” maximizes grip control.
  • A wide wrist strap offers extra support with an extended Velcro® closure for adjustment. 
  • EcoSuede™️ ensures firm grip. 
  • PCM Mesh covers the entire back of hand providing great flexibility.

Sizing Chart


A (cm)1717.618.218.819.420.020.6
B (cm)
A (in)
B (in)

Materials and Care


EcoSuede™️ Material: An advanced eco-friendly microfibre that delivers exceptional grip in wet conditions, ensuring optimal performance without compromising on environmental values.

PCM Mesh Technology: Incorporates Phase Change Materials in the mesh backing for superior temperature regulation, keeping hands cool and dry by efficiently managing heat and moisture.


  • Hand wash with mild soap in lukewarm water.
  • Hang to dry away from sunlight.

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