My ONA Rewards

Welcome to Ona Rewards program, where your loyalty is rewarded

Your loyalty rewarded. How does it work?

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How do I become a member of My Ona Rewards?

1. It’s easy, first you create an account
2. You automatically become a member with your first purchase at

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How can I earn more loyalty points?

You earn points with every purchase of Ona products at (please ensure you’re signed into your account).

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How do I redeem my loyalty points?

1. Sign into your account at
2. Add your products to your basket on the product page
3. Choose the number of points to deduct from your purchase.
Any Points earned on your purchase, will be credited to your account after the order is shipped and are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

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How do I know how many points I have in my account?

1. Sign into your account on
2. View how many points are available in your ‘My account’ section > Ona Rewards option.

Not sure how My Ona Rewards work? Find the answers here.

Your purchases in Pounds Sterling​

£10 spent = 10 point earned = £ 1 reduction on your next purchase.

Please note, for UK Members only, the number of loyalty points arising upon a purchase will display in the Member’s Account as 80% of the awarded loyalty points, however, upon redeeming loyalty points, the Member will receive credit of an additional 20% loyalty points towards their purchase.

Your purchases in US Dollars

U$10 spent = 10 point earned = U$ 1 reduction on your next purchase.

View the conditions of use for the loyalty program and its advantages

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