Speed XT Yellow

Light weight, textured leather polo gloves engineered with Gripster technology, a microscopic incorporation of grip-enhancing material into the surface of the leather delivering a superior grip. The more you sweat, the better the grip! 



Designed as a wrap-around glove to minimise the quantity of components and seams.

Gripster™ Technology
A microscopic incorporation of grip-enhancing material into the surface of the leather delivers superior grip, without losing leather softness.
Lightness and flexibility
Built-in lightness and flexibility through materials and construction.
Firm Control
Reinforcements in key areas for a good grip of the reins and mallet.
We offer a wide range of sizes. Please refer to the size chart to choose your best fit.

Superior Grip


Water resistant

Air Mesh

Speed XT Yellow

Built in ONA’s exclusive atomic textured leather, now incorporating Gripster technology, the Speed XT polo gloves deliver unparalleled grip providing a soft and lightweight feel. Dexterity is built into patterning so that all components offer a stress free and comfortable fit. 

The double stitching construction for durability and use of technical materials both quick dry and with moisture wicking properties, make the Ona Speed XT gloves hard wearing providing outstanding all-round performance.  

Product Features

Technical Features:

  • Textured atomic leather with Gripster Technology
  • Textured
  • Breathable
  • Water resistant
  • Durable


  • Redesigned performance mesh for maximum flex
  • Right hand: leather caps and finger gussets on the reducing finger roll
  • Left hand: leather reinforcements between index and middle finger to reduce friction and improve control over the reins
  • Knuckle gussets on index and little finger provide greater mobility
  • Air Mesh: Lightweight and elastic honeycomb knitted textile that offers flexibility and moisture wicking.
  • Long cuff with “inverse closure mechanism” with adjustable wrist strap offer a secure closure and improved grip
  • Double stitching construction for durability

Leather treatment: 

Gripster Technology grip enhancer, water resistant and repellent



Sizing Chart


A (cm)1717.618.218.819.420.020.6
B (cm)
A (in)
B (in)

Materials and Care



  • Pittards technical sports leather
  • Honeycomb air mesh
  • Microfibre 


  • Hand wash with mild soap in lukewarm water
  • Hang to dry away from sunlight

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