The importance of quality technical equipment in polo

In the world of polo, for both professional and amateur players, choosing the right equipment is crucial not only to improve performance in the game, but also to ensure adequate protection and safety during practice. At Ona Polo, we are committed to quality and innovation, offering products that meet the specific needs of polo players, particularly in the field of vision, hands and elbow protection.

Visual Protection with VCP21 Eyewear

One of our star products in the visual protection category is the VCP21 eyewear. Designed specifically for polo, these glasses not only offer superior impact protection, but also ensure optimal visibility under various lighting conditions. With a robust construction and lenses that offer UV protection, the VCP21 is an essential choice for any player who values both safety and performance on the field.

Hand Protection with High Quality Gloves

At Ona Polo, we provide a selection of gloves tailored to suit various playing conditions and individual preferences. Among these options, we offer specific styles exclusively designed to offer protection against knocks and harsh weather elements. These gloves are engineered to prioritize functionality and ensure your comfort and safety during play.

Carbon Pro V2: This glove is ideal for those looking for maximum protection. Equipped with knuckle protection and a robust construction, the Carbon Pro V2 is perfect for tackling the rigors of intense play, providing both safety and comfort.

All Weather Storm: Designed for rainy days, this glove ensures a firm and secure grip in wet conditions. Its waterproof design and adaptability to different weather conditions make it essential for playing in any season.

Power Polo Gloves: These gloves are recognized for their flexibility and comfort, offering excellent sensitivity and adaptation to the cue handle. Power are perfect for players looking for a balance between protection and touch, allowing precise and safe handling of the polo cue.

Comparative Table of Ona Polo Gloves

Elbow Protection with Elbow Pads

Our Ona Polo Elbow Guard offers elbow protection with an ergonomic design that allows freedom of movement without sacrificing safety. Its robust construction is ideal for absorbing impacts and protecting one of the players’ most vulnerable areas.

elbow guard yellow with arm and hand

Selecting high-quality equipment, such as the range found in the Ona Polo collection, is crucial for both protection and enhancing performance on the field. The investment in premium gloves, protective eyewear, and elbow pads can significantly impact not just gameplay but also long-term injury prevention. By prioritizing quality gear, polo players can prolong their sporting careers, ensuring sustained success in the sport.


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