ONA VCP21 RX powered by MAXIMUS  is a highly innovative and advanced visual solution offering an exceptional new prescription technology. Featuring a pioneering one-piece lens design, it provides exceptional optical clarity and high impact protection. It is crafted using the finest materials, optical tints and coatings, and revolutionary RX manufacturing techniques. Offered in both Single Vision and Progressive prescriptions in clear or a selection of coloured lenses and a choice of mirror coatings.

Once you complete your purchase you will receive the eyewear with a measuring blank lens. Upon receipt, please follow the RX Instructions to provide us with details of your prescription including pupillary distances. The RX lens will be manufactured to your prescription and sent to you.

The unique prescription lenses for polo players.


Offered in both Single Vision and Progressive prescriptions, the Ona Polo Maximus performance lens design and diverse specialized lens formulations optimize:

• Vision clarity: achieve bright, sharp edged visual images.

• Focused sight: render images at varying distances to appear sharp in detail.

• Superior light management.

• Minimal weight for ultimate comfort.

• Exceptional visual performance in varied light and extreme weather conditions.

• Our proprietary polycarbonate formula surpasses all ANSI and EN optic specifications, including high mass impact for Safety/ASTM and MilSpec Military/Tactical uses.

  • Prescription lenses
No matter the strength of your prescription, the integrated prescriptive oculars remain completely concealed when worn, ensuring a seamless and natural appearance from the outside.
See like no other
Elevate your visual experience with our Vibrance High Contrast lens tints. They excel at filtering out non-essential light, enhancing your visual performance, maximizing contrast, and delivering premium high-definition clarity in all conditions.
Supressing negative light
Experience the benefits of multi-layer front mirror coatings – these high-performance filters ensure “constant colour”, allowing essential light to enter your eyes. Say goodbye to veiling glare and other harmful light, as these coatings effectively eliminate them.
Secure fit
Custom secure fit with soft Megol nosepad and adjustable soft Megol temple tips.

Introducing VELOCITY Photochromic Lenses, powered by Ona Polo Maximus’ proprietary internal film technology. These lenses set a new standard, rivalling the fastest and most efficient photochromic options in the industry.

Panor-X technology

Introducing PANOR-X technology – elevate your peripheral vision without head movement, capture precise object details, and enhance tracking of moving objects. Experience a new standard in visual innovation.


Discover the power of Ona Polo Maximus RX SUPER HYDROPHOBIC coatings that seamlessly bonds with the lens, forming an ultra-water-repellent barrier. This advanced protection not only wards off water but also effectively repels dust, sweat, oils, and various unwanted substances, including salt spray and water spots.

Removable bumper

Adjustable temples

Safety protect

Interchangeable lenses


ONA VCP21 RX powered by MAXIMUS , is a cutting-edge visual solution with ground-breaking prescription technology. Its pioneering one-piece lens design delivers exceptional optical clarity and top-tier impact protection. Crafted with premium materials, optical tints, and coatings, and utilizing revolutionary RX manufacturing techniques, it’s available in both Single Vision and Progressive prescriptions. Choose from clear or a variety of coloured lenses and mirror coatings.

What's in the Box

Zippered protective hard case with inserts to hold eyewear, spare lens and optional nose piece.

Soft electrostatic pouch for cleaning and storage.

Low bar bumper and nosepiece

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Read Before buy

Although we can produce most prescriptions for both single and progressive vision, please note the parameters for our prescription ranges. Please read this carefully before purchasing.


Base 7 Spherical

+3.00 to -8.00D including Cylinder
IPD 56mm to 72mm       
OCH 15mm to 30mm


Base 7 Spherical

Myopia (-) 0.00D to -7.00D including Cylinder
ADD +0.25D to +3.00D

Hyperopia (+) 0.00D to +2.50D including Cylinder
ADD +0.25D to +2.00D

IPD 56mm to 72mm       
OCH 22mm to 29mm

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